Confession Of Faith

:The following is a summary of what I confess  and believe from my study of the Bible

There is one God- not a trinity

Jesus Christ is the Son of God but not God Himself, and He did not physically exist before His birth

Jesus Christ had our  human nature and temptations and was tempted just as we are, but He never sinned

I therefore and hereby take Him to me as my example, Lord and Saviour.

I understand that He is my representative. By going under the water I share in His death, and die to sin, and by coming up out of the water of baptism, I unite myself with His resurrection and am committed to trying to live a life like His.

I recognize that my real problem is my own temptations and sin, and I undertake to fight against them, always asking myself ‘What would Jesus do?’. I realize that the devil or satan refers to this ‘adversary’ to my salvation- not to a literal dragon or monster.

I believe that when I die, I will remain unconscious in the grave, until the Lord Jesus returns to resurrect me and judge me. I do not have an ‘immortal soul’. By His grace I look forward to being accepted in that day into His Kingdom which I believe will be literally established here on earth.

I believe in  the Holy Spirit as the power of God, not as a literal person.

I realize that death is the wages for sin, although ‘hell’ means only the grave and not a place of torture or literal fire.

I believe salvation is by grace and not by works. God’s plan of salvation for me is revealed in the Bible, which is infallibly inspired by God and which I am committed to continuing studying daily.

I realize that there are many false doctrines circulating in the world under the name of Christianity and I will seek to keep separate from these and to meet with other true believers for fellowship and the breaking of bread.

I understand that I must seek to live a life in conformity to God’s expressed will in His word. I recognize that marriage should be treated as a permanent bond in which God seeks to join two people together as one flesh for life, and I will not break apart what God has joined together, neither in my life nor in that of others. I realize that sex outside of marriage and homosexuality are wrong.

I give my life now to the Lord Jesus Christ, to learning of Him and following Him, always from now on asking myself ‘What would Jesus do?’ in all situations and feelings I am confronted with in life.


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